Benefits of Wall Mount Cabinets

When it comes to storing IT and networking equipment, ensuring organization and efficiency is vital. Doing so keeps work spaces tidy and protects equipment from potential damage. Wall mount cabinets allow you to achieve this while offering many other benefits, including:

  • Conservation of Floor Space - Wall mount cabinets are off the floor, sparing you the inconvenience of having to work around them. This is great for people with limited work space. Simply store your equipment inside the cabinet and leave space for other items on the floor.

  • Flexible Mounting - The design of wall mount cabinets give them flexibility to be installed in various locations, providing the possibility of mounting near conduits or related obstructions while granting convenient access at a suitable height. Available in different heights and depths, wall mount cabinets are suitable for numerous types of applications. This is a huge advantage when you must connect equipment from the cabinet to other devices in the room.

  • Secure Shielding of Equipment - Wall mount cabinets are enclosed to shield equipment from dust, scratches and bumps, vibration, and other types of damage. You can even install them at a high level on the wall to prevent unwanted persons from accessing equipment inside.

  • Suppression of Overheating - If equipment is properly installed inside a wall mount cabinet, the chance of overheating is minimal thanks to cabinets being designed for fans and integrated ventilation to extract hot air. You might even experience increased equipment performance because of air balancing.

  • Plenty of Options - Vericom offers a variety of wall mount cabinets, available in multiple size configurations and maximized for efficient equipment storage. Learn more about them by following the links below: