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Managing pair-to-pair crosstalk on your high-frequency CAT6A connections can sometimes be challenging. Looking for an easy way to ditch that annoying interference? Vericom has the solution for you to rid the crosstalk effect. Our Modular Plug Crimping Tool performs terminations with surgical precision and zero unwanted crosstalk — maximum connection performance is guaranteed!

Our tool is designed for the professional installer to provide an ultra-stable platform for consistent, repeatable terminations. The handles feature a rugged, PVC design for a better and more comfortable grip. The sturdy steel frame sports a black oxide coating for maximum rust resistance. The crimp die also comes with slots designed for 6P and 8P modular connectors, meeting your different connectivity needs.

After the alignment of the conductors into the load bar, with one simple ‘crimp-and-release’, there you have it — a CAT6A cable firmly terminated with our CAT6A RJ45 Clear Connector that ensures excellent and lasting performance.

That’s not all! To enhance your termination process, we have more to offer! Check out our CAT6 and CAT 5e Clear Connectors that are compatible with the tool for a seamless termination. Offered in bags of 50, these connectors come with gold-plated contacts for optimal transmission, whether you have a solid or stranded cable.

For more information or to place an order, please contact your Vericom representative, call (865) 671-4455, email [email protected], or visit

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