Product Video: Fiber Cleaning Tools



The ability to swiftly transfer large amounts of data over long distances is a distinct advantage of fiber optic cables. However, fiber installers must take precautions to minimize contamination on fiber connectors to stay within an acceptable range of data loss. Small oil and dust particles, invisible to the human eye, can sometimes be large enough to block the 9-micrometer core diameter of a single-mode fiber. These particles not only increase signal attenuation and return loss but can potentially cause permanent damage to the connectors.

Clean fiber connectors are vital for the long-term reliability and performance of fiber optic systems. Vericom Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools are all you need for quick and dependable fiber optic cleanings. Watch this video and learn how to use our cleaning tools to keep quality connections between your fiber optic equipment.

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Products Shown in Video...

VGS™ MTP/MPO Cleaner

VGS™ SC/ST/FC Cleaner

VGS™ LC Cleaner

VGS™ Box Type Cleaner

VGS™ Box Type Cleaner - Replacement Cartridge

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